Vigil Diary – 14th January 2006

LONDON - Lots of new faces this week - we were joined by people from Derby, Luton, Brighton, Oxford, Essex, Leicester, Sheffield, Bedford. We have received some interesting gifts lately - including some lavatory paper featuring Mugabe and his lolling tongue. Apparently loads of it is being taken

back to Zimbabwe from South Africa. Perhaps it will end up in the presidential palace, given the shortages at home.

Another gift came in the post today – packs of playing cards, created by a coalition of civic groups concerned about freedom in Zimbabwe. The ace of spades, for example, shows Josiah Tongogara rising from the grave to chase Mugabe, the 5 shows rural chiefs on their knees with their mouths in the Zanu (PF) trough, the ace of diamonds has “Robber Mugabe” on his throne surrounded by bags of gold and jewels. The joker is Jonathan Moyo, depicted as a snake with two heads. These will certainly give new life to card players in Zimbabwe. We have received reports that a friend saw thousands of these packs at a bus station in South Africa being handed out to Zimbabweans returning home: humour is always the Achilles’ Heel of the tyrant.

FOR THE RECORD: about 50 supporters came today.

FOR YOUR DIARY: Monday, January 23, 2006, 7.30 pm, Monday Forum. Upstairs at the Theodore Bullfrog pub, 28 John Adam Street, London WC2.

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