Vigil Diary – 21st January 2006

LONDON - No sooner had we set up shop with our banners and flags and "Mugabe wanted for murder" poster than we were overwhelmed by supporters - our friends Leah from Derby and Caroline from Exeter among the first. Soon we had helicopters overhead. We drummed and sang even louder. It turned ou

t that the helicopters were tracking a whale that had swum up the Thames in a desperate attempt to join us.

A friend from Leicester, Richard, came to the Vigil with his tag – an electronic monitoring system offered to asylum seekers in place of detention. We were very happy to see him but we understand that some supporters may have difficulty getting to us because this restricts their movements.

Good news of the week was that our faithful supporter, Patience, has won her asylum case and can legally stay and work in this country and help other Zimbabweans. (By the way, a recent survey showed that Zimbabweans were among the best-educated asylum seekers.)

FOR THE RECORD: 57 signed the register today.

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