‘Villagisation of Harare’ under commission

EDITOR - It is unfortunate and regrettable that the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development Ignatius Chombo has re-appointed the illegitimate Harare City commission. Residents of Harare have gone for more than six months living with raw sewage overflowing in front of their d

oorsteps, uncollected refuse pilling up along several streets, irregular water supplies, malfunctioning street and traffic lights. Re-appointment of the Harare City Commission only serve to send a message for the continued deterioration of service delivery and robbing of residents’ hard earned money for substandard and lip services.

The illegitimate Makwavarara-led commission is grossly incompetent and it does not need spectacles to see this. The status of the once sunshine City has plummeted and deteriorated to unprecedented levels in our eyes. They have reduced residents of Harare into village life, where residents now fetch water from unprotected wells and use bushes for toilet facilities. Villagisation of Harare is a sad and unwelcome development that deserves strong resistance with strong contempt.

The Makwavarara-led commission has to this date deliberately defaulted holding procedural consultation with residents on critical decisions that affect their welfare like the Budget. This is not by chance but through design. The commissioners are illegitimate.

Furthermore they cannot justify their exorbitant rates hike proposal in the 2006 budget for the below par and services they are not providing for the residents.

Chombo and the regime he represents continue to take the people of Harare and the entire Zimbabweans for granted. This can be clearly understood by observing inhumane and immoral decisions this man has made as the Minister for this portfolio.

It is this man who masterminded the political dismissal of the democratically elected Mayor Eng. E Mudzuri and his councillors. The re-appointment of the Commissioners is illegal. The Urban Councils Act states in unequivocal and in no uncertain terms section 80(3), that the office of the commissioner “shall terminate-.six months after his appointment”. Para 80(4) further states that “Before the termination of office of a commissioner shall cause an election to be held-.to fill the vacancies on the council as if they were special vacancies”. The minister has not fulfilled this requirement, instead has continued to extend its tenure of office.


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