We need a Churchill

EDITOR - It has been reported that Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzjena has killed a 10-year-old child in Chitungwiza whilst driving under the influence of alcohol. Elsewhere there are reports of footage of the Police themselves looting farmers' equipment, not to mention photographic evidence of e

ntire villages torched by the Police.

The United Nations, the Commonwealth, the EU, the AU and Foreign Ministers such as Jack Straw and Alexander Downer need to be reminded that Zanu PF calmly describes such incidents as “political” – like the Gukuruhundi. Secondly, it is becoming virtually impossible for the common man, woman and child of Zimbabwe to stand up to such human rights abuses. Winston Churchill identified with the people of Poland but as yet we are still to find a modern day Churchill to stand by the people of Zimbabwe.

PRO LEGE, Harare

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