ZANU PF pushes to ban local council elections

HARARE - Zimbabwe's ruling party is pushing for new legislation to ban elections for urban councils and instead allow the government to appoint commissions headed by chief executive officers to run cities and towns. But Zanu (PF) legal affairs secretary and state Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa h

as voiced strong reservations. Chinamasa is said to have advised the ruling party’s inner politburo committee, when it appeared the key committee would endorse the plan, that Zimbabwe would be the only country in the world to outlaw local government elections and that such a move would entrench the view that the country was a dictatorship. MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa said while the opposition party could not stop Zanu (PF) from amending the law to ban urban council elections due to its inferior numbers in Parliament, the opposition party would however mobilise residents to resist such a move. He said: “Mugabe has become afraid of the people’s voice. Dictators do not give people rights to vote, they take them away. But because we can no longer use the ballot to have our say, we shall use the streets to reclaim our rights and freedoms.” – ZimOnline

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