Zimbabwe gazettes new media application fees


The Zimbabwean government has gazetted new application fees for registration of mass media services and accreditation of journalists. Application and registration fees for a mass media service and a news agency are now Z$1, 250, 000 (about US$14). This is made up of Z$1 million doll

ars (about US$11) registration fee and Z$250,000 (about US$2.8) A Zimbabwean journalist working for a local media will pay Z$250, 000 in accreditation and application fees, while a local freelance journalist will pay an application fee of US$50, 000 and an accreditation fee of Z$100, 000. A local journalist working for foreign media will pay an application fee of 50 US dollars and an accreditation fee of US$1, 000. A foreign journalist who needs temporary accreditation would pay an application fee of US$100 and an accreditation fee of US$500. Application for permission to operate a representative office for foreign mass media service or news agency would attract a US$2, 000 and a US$10, 000 fee for permission to operate. – Own correspondent

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