Bankers now endangered

EDITOR - James Mapapu has recently quoted Professor Gono. "We call upon the Government to declare an amnesty to all those who may have erred and strayed economically in the past..." Professor Gono was apparently referring to six fugitive bankers. Why does the Professor have a new-found passion to

protect fellow bankers?

From whence does the “Royal We” really come? What is the true motive?

Why the concern? What next? When? How?

A consultant met with ZESA management recently – who informed him that when outflow exceeds inflow it is termed an “overload” in electrical terms.

The same consultant met with an endangered species – a professional banker in Harare – and was told that when outflow exceeds inflow it is termed “overdrawn” in banking terms.

The consultant’s final case study was at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Professor Gono was asked how he would describe the problem when outflow exceeded inflow.

The reply was “what problem? You simply print more money in the form of $50,000 notes.”


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