CFU calls for progress on land policies

HARARE - The Commercial Farmers Union has issued a statement underlining its belief that 'the greatest asset of a nation is the quality of its people' and appealing for an end to recriminations about the past. "It is the time to draw the line and go forward, learning from the past," says the stateme

nt. “The CFU is cognisant and sensitive to the fact that there is sufficient evidence that both government and those foreign agencies currently represented in the country, want nothing more than to see Zimbabwe prosper.” The farmers’ body emphasised its commitment to help restore the country to its rightful position on the sub-continent of Africa as a leader in agriculture. “We seek an all-inclusive and vibrant agricultural industry that is sustainable. To this end, we urge the authorities to declare a moratorium on land and current agriculture policies and, with the full protection of the law, bring together all stakeholders and rebuild the entire industry to return as the principal employer of labour and generator of food and forex. “We have the energy and capacity to help bring Zimbabwe back, once again, to being the ‘bread basket’ of the sub-continent. Lets do it! A return to productive agriculture, which will benefit our nation, will attract, in every way, both at home and overseas, the support we need to regenerate our economy and the status of Zimbabwe,” says CFU president, Doug Taylor-Freeme, in the statement. – Own Correspondent

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