Displeasure at Homelink

EDITOR - I would like to add to my total displeasure of the way the Homelink Project is run. I am one of several Zimbabweans in UK who responded to this call in my quest to find a 'dream home' in Harare. Firstly you are required to pay -250 as application fees, which is an awful lot of money in U

K for them to purchase a property for you. The service you get is nowhere near the world-class service that this rhetoric Homelink team promised us. It is painstakingly slow and mired with bureaucracy and red tape. Sellers are forced to sell their properties at give away prices when the Reserve Bank values their properties. They deliberately take long, roughly about three months to disburse funds to the seller. Of course, by the property would have appreciated because of hyperinflation and RBZ would have gained a lot. Clever, aren’t they? WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH!!!!

You are then told to pay a supposedly down payment of -400 for the property to be registered . This was for a property in Mufakose. After this you are supposed to commence monthly instalments of -400 for 5 years. That translates to a purchase price of -24 000. I commenced contributions for 6 months and I was really struggling to meet up with the payments. -400 is an awful lot of money here in the UK considering we have bills, rent and other living expenses to pay.

I decided to cancel the agreement of sale and asked for my -2 400 contributions to be refunded since I was no longer willing to continue. I was told my forex was going to be forfeited as administration fees and public funds had been used to acquire the property. We had a bitter and nasty row and eventually I got my hard earned money back after two months.

I tell you once you enter Homelink you have entered a trap. You will be intimidated and threatened of your forex. In all honesty can a property in property in Mufakose cost -24,000. For that kind of money you buy a poshy, plushy Borrowdale Villa.

Homelink was only set up to RIP OFF diasporians their hard-earned money.


Fedup, UK

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