Dynamo torch wows Africa

JOHANNESBURG - A handy new torch, the 'Dynamo', is taking South Africa by storm and negotiations are currently underway to get supplies into Zimbabwe. The lightweight, hand-held torch, manufactured from yellow plastic, will be a boon to power-starved Zimbabweans. Using a built-in dynamo, this amazin

g torch does away with the need for batteries or electrical re-charging. It is activated by a simple trigger, and takes only 30 seconds to build up enough power to give 10 hours of light. An on-off switch allows for either immediate use, or the storage of power for later. The use of new LED technology in the globe means the torch will last for a lifetime, without needing any replacement parts. South African entrepreneur Simon Gore sourced the torch from China as a Christmas gift for a large corporate client. No sooner had people seen it than request for supplies came flooding in. “This torch will revolutionise the lives of rural people throughout Africa who don’t have access to electricity, as well as millions in urban Africa who experience regular power cuts,” said one delighted customer. “Gone will be the days of having the batteries run out just when one needs to have light. For many people in Africa batteries are unavailable, or unaffordable if available.” – Own correspondent

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