Govt plans toll roads

BULAWAYO - The government is planning to introduce inter-city toll plazas to assist in paying for road repairs on April 1, 2006, reports the AA of Zimbabwe. Construction of toll-gates at designated points on the national road network is reportedly already under way. Some known toll-gate locations ar

e:-147km peg on the Gweru-Byo Rd, 47km, 176km, and 343km pegs on Byo-Vic Falls Rd. Fees to be charged are unknown but foreign motorists will no doubt be expected to pay in forex. The amount of local currency that may be taken out of the country by travellers has been increased from Z$300.000 to Z$5 million per person with immediate effect. The duty free rebate of US$300 (or equivalent in other currencies) that is available to travellers on return to Zimbabwe may only be claimed once in a calendar month – on first return during the month only. In other words, the rebate may not be claimed subsequently in the month even if it is not claimed on the first return trip to Zimbabwe. Border fees for motorists visiting the country have been increased substantially for 2006 and have to be paid in forex. It was originally thought that the Carbon Tax fees announced for visitors were annual fees, but these have since been confirmed as payable for a 30-day period only. The charges range from US$72 for up to 1500cc vehicles to US$360 for vehicles over 3000cc. In addition motorists must pay a road access toll of US$10 and South Africans must pay a bridge toll of R50 at Beitbridge. Toll bridge fees for locals have increased to Z$325,000 for motorcycles, Z$650,000 for light vehicles and Z$1,840,000 for heavy vehicles. Private individuals importing fuel are being required to pay Z$1,000/ litre Carbon Tax levy, plus any other duties liable. – Own correspondent

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