Hatcliffe report complete

HATCLIFFE - The Report on the Impact Survey on Operation Murambatsvina (Operation Restore Order): The case of Hatcliffe Extension is now complete and will be available to media and general public in the next couple of weeks. This survey was conducted by UZ and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights on 40

00 households in Hatcliffe Extension. Meanwhile we detail below some of the findings: The population affected was at least 24,000 people in Hatcliffe Extension. 82% of children require education assistance and are probably not attending school because of this 96,5% of victims are Zimbabwe citizens, not aliens 43,8% of households are female-headed 79,9% of household heads are unemployed 55,9% have lost their source of income (vendors etc) 15% of victims are chronically ill 5% of victims are mentally and physically disabled 47% had their HIV-Aids status adversely affected School drop-outs were 45,6% 83% require financial assistance, but only 13% have received any financial assistance Less than 7% have sought any legal assistance. – Own correspondent

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