Homelink – my story

EDITOR - I bought a house through Homelink through a guy called Martin Madziire who is in Gatineau Canada. For two months after buying the house I wanted to make my instalments, but he told me to wait because my file was not yet completed (I have a letter copied from Mr Msipa). But then I received

a final demand letter from Madziire – who I was still waiting for to get back to me.

I complained to Homelink and they said the blame was on me, regardless of the fact that their agents are incompetent. I was determined to have this house so I persevered and after about three months of my paying my instalments into Madziire’s wife’s account, on his instructions, Homelink contacted me to ask if I had made any payments because they had not received any. It is now eight months and they have received nothing. I now pay my instalments directly into the Homelink account but I have received a letter from Madziire (Msipa’s agent) that I should deposit five percent of what I send to Homelink in his wife’s account. When I queried this he replied that it was a genuine business transaction. Fellow countrymen, beware!


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