I’m disgusted with Stanchart

EDITOR - I don't know who else to express my disgust to. So please bear with me. We have my mother-in-law living with us. This week she received her pension advice from NRZ pension fund. Her pension for the month of February is Z$ 37 890.41, which is not even enough to buy a loaf of bread. But to ma

ke matter worse this is what they have printed onto her pension slip “Pensioners who bank with Standard Bank will have a bank charge of Z$30 500.00 deducted from their pension.”

That will leave her with a total of $7 390.41, I’m not sure what she is supposed to purchase with that.

Her husband whom has since passed away worked with the railways for at least 35years. And this is supposed to be their liveable pension for when they retired. My mother-in-law has us to assist her with her monthly expenses, but how many old folks don’t have any help. I spoke with the bank and they said that they could not waive the minimum bank charge on her account unless of course she has been banking with them for 40 years or more! Can someone stop this madness?

Wendi Brooking, Harare

We are awaiting a response from Stanchart to our query. – Ed

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