Largest theft imaginable

EDITOR - Mugabe and Zanu set about stealing the farms and destroying the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people on the farms. Simultaneously the basic commodities in life became more and more scarce, thus affecting most of the population. Read and you do not need to w

atch any horror movies.

But now, after five years of this behaviour Bob’s Top Financial Mujiba – Gono – has openly admitted the largest theft imaginable.

“We chose to print money in order to survive” – Gideon Gono January 2005.

“Broad Money Supply grew rapidly from 177,6% in January 2005 to 411,5% in November 2005 due to excessive money printing by the central bank to finance fuel and grain imports.”

Ironically, it seems that Gono has in fact been studying history. He has now warned Mugabe that the army is becoming restless – Napoleon and Hitler both learnt that an army marches on its stomach – but left their learning a little late. It is common knowledge that when a civilization progresses from hunter gatherers to agriculturalists you now have specialization and surpluses that need to be protected – that is the first step to having an army. Bob and Gideon have tried to defy that age old logic by exporting the country’s specialists and printing money instead! – QED – Prof. Gono, Zanu School of Economics, Murder and Looting, Scud House, Harare.

But has Gono studied Zanu history adequately? He has openly admitted to printing all the money which has effectively stolen all savings – the banking system is no more -and could now be put on display (with a filling station) in the Natural History Museum – next to the Zeederberg coach, perhaps. But has Gono studied what happened to Tongagara, Nyagumbo, Gezi, Sithole, Mahachi, Pamire or Chris Ushewokunze? Were they black dogs or army trucks?

Having destroyed the productive base and chased away so many skilled but loyal citizens, the likes of Gono now have the audacity to call on the emigrants to send back money – through their Homelink system of course – so he can get a little fatter and starve their people further. Zanu might have criticized organisations like WENELA but now Zanu wants to be the ZANULA of this millennium.

Mujibologist Abroad, Australia

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