Last nail in Ncube’s coffin?


IN: 0in 0in 0pt”>LONDON – Former MDC secretary general, Welshman Ncube, has always denied that he made a deal with Zanu (PF), but South African president Thabo Mbeki last week announced that an agreement had been reached on a new constitution between MDC and Zanu (PF) two years ago.

Mbeki claims this is why he kept telling the world that his quite diplomacy was working.

Both MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai and Professsor Ncube denied Mbeki’s claim, but last Friday the Zanu (PF) secretary for legal affairs, Patrick Chinamasa, was reported saying that a deal was reached.

Ncube admits only to “informal talks” with Zanu (PF) officials over a new constitution, but says no agreement was reached, let alone the draft constitutional document that Mbeki says he was given.

Chinamasa, however, was quoted saying that the meetings between a Zanu (PF) delegation led by himself and a Ncube-led MDC team had produced a draft constitution, including plans for a new Senate.

“Part of the constitution is what resulted in the reintroduction of the Senate. Obviously when two sides discuss you cannot agree on everything. The issue of proportional representation was one such issue which they (MDC) wanted but we did not give in,” Chinamasa was quoted saying.

MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa, speaking from London last week, said this was the proof that people needed that Ncube had sold out. “It also proves what we have always suspected – that there was something else behind the fall-out over the Senate issue.

“We argued against it together in parliament, but come voting day Professor Welshman, Gift Chimanikire, Gibson Sibanda, and Mzila were nowhere to be found in the chamber. We lost by one vote,” said Chamisa.

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