MDC praises Gono

HARARE - The MDC has praised the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Gideon Gono, for singling out ruling Zanu (PF) officials as the major cause of corruption and economic collapse in Zimbabwe. "Gono, in his monetary statement, was clear that there was endemic corruption in all sector of the economy, from

land distribution to parastatals. He was clear that the large-scale corruption that had eaten into every pillar of the state was not driven by the ordinary person in the street, but by known thieves in the top echelons of Zanu (PF) and government,” said Nelson Chamisa, MDC secretary for information in a recent statement. The MDC has been saying this for years. Their position has consistently been that corruption by the Zanu (PF) leadership was so endemic that the only possible solution was a change of government. Gono, who was Mugabe’s personal banker for many years as CEO of Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ), is known to have close personal ties with the aging dictator. Analysts are therefore surprised at his new frankness in acknowledging what people have been saying for years, saying this will surely have earned him powerful enemies within the ruling party. His predecessor, Leonard Tsumba, a highly experienced banker was branded an economic saboteur and sacked from his position for suggesting that the Zimbabwe dollar should be de-valued. Since then, Gono has devalued the currency several times with impunity.

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