Mugabe owes me too!

EDITOR - in response to the letter in The Zimbabwean of February 02, 2006, 'Mugabe owes me' I fully support the sentiment expressed. At last some fighting talk is being expressed. Too much time has passed where written sentiment expressed within the media everywhere comes from voices still cowe

d by shock, trauma and disbelief at what is going on in Zimbabwe.

I too am owed by Mugabe/Zanu and I support the ‘Mugabe owes me’ sentiment.

It is time to fight back. Zanu have been like snakes in the grass for 25 years. You could see the grass moving, but you could not see the snakes. They were to raise their heads one day, which they duly have. Now we can all see the faces of the snakes. All of us know who they are, the world over.

It is time to stand and face them. I am now ready to take back my country from these evil brutes

May the ‘Mugabe owes me’ sentiment grow to a crescendo and overwhelm and drive the snakes back into the stinking pit they came from and to where they belong. I am ready! I am going home to touch the land that my bones and blood grew from.

Also a Zimbabwean abroad, Dorset, England

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