Mugabe owes me

EDITOR - In view of all that has happened in my country Zimbabwe - in recent years, my singular feeling is: Mugabe and ZANU owe me big time! ZANU stays in power at its peril. If ZANU decides to flee it does so also at its peril. I am a Zimbabwean citizen and there is much that Mugabe has stolen

of mine. There was a time when Mugabe could have retired graciously and the people of my country would have let him take the accolade he desires of ‘Hero’ forever and in turn the youth of Zimbabwe would have let him go free and rightfully taken their own vision for our future to make of it as they would. However he CHOSE not to hand over our country’s inheritance to its citizens, he chose to sell it to the devil for Shekels of gold and silver.

ZANU has behaved like a common criminal that it is. It has spilled blood and stolen something of mine. I want it back! Mugabe and his band of cohorts owe me. Even if ZANU/Mugabe were to kill and torture every human to the last man, including me, they will die one day too.


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