No such thing as ‘Pro-Senate faction’

EDITOR - First of all, there is no such thing as the "Pro-Senate" faction. There is just but one MDC and it is the MDC that upholds democratic principles and values it's Constitution. The tendency by your paper to call us "rebels" must be treated with the full contempt it deserves. Never have we dev

iated from the Party Constitution. What we have done is to deviate from a leader who chose to put himself above the Party Constitution.

What is unfortunate is that you seem to suggest that everything that a leader says is right, regardless of the Constitution. Therefore, what difference is there between Mugabe and Tsvangirai? The rebels in the Party are those that chose not to respect the decision of the National Council that sat on 12 October 2005 in contravention of the Constitution.

The truth of the matter is that Tsvangirai is no different a dictator than Mugabe. We are still committed to fighting Zanu (PF) on every turf, be it on the electoral field or even in the streets. The Tsvangirai bunch decided to field candidates in the recent Ward elections and yet they wanted Zanu (PF) to walk in scot free in the Senatorial elections.

This is what we refused in Bulawayo. We take pride in knowing that we have the support of 22 out of 29 Ward Councillors, the support of the Mayor, 6 out of 7 Members of Parliament and 5 out of 5 Senators. We are proud that Zanu (PF) has been kept out of Bulawayo through the vote of the people in favour of the MDC.

Lastly, we wish to inform the people Bulawayo and members of the MDC that we have a new Chairman of the Province following our 23 December 2005 Provincial Congress held at the MDC Provincial Offices. Former Deputy Mayor, Councillor Angilacala Ndlovu is that man. We urge the people of Bulawayo to rally behind the new Executive as we continue to fight for democracy in Zimbabwe.

Victor Moyo, Information and Publicity Secretary, MDC Bulawayo Province

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