Security forces need a voice

EDITOR - The formation of the Command should be used as a platform for the disgruntled soldiers, policemen, prison officers, youth brigades, militias and intelligence officers, this also includes ex-service men/officers to air their grievances such as salaries, any ill treatment by the authorities.

It should be the voice for the unheard and abused in the security forces.

They should have an opportunity to access media outlets that would help address their plight. The Command should open a communication centre i.e. Internet website, e-mail address, telephone link, fax within or outside Zimbabwe where all matters will be forwarded and published. They would use pseudonyms for fear of victimization. There are other many ways that could be looked into to help them achieve their freedom.

It would also be a good idea to open up branches in various regions/countries and help them immigrate or find jobs or raise money for their cause from various government, charitable organizations, individuals or help them with self-employment. Branches should be run by individuals who were once employed in the various government security departments.

Other civil servants who share The Command’s views should also be considered in this broad based organisation. This organisation should have no political affiliation whatsoever and a constitution should be put in place. The most urgent target groups would be the 3000 or so who were reported to have submitted their resignations to the army, thousands of war vets who have been disenfranchised, plus any other individuals from the various ministries of government/departments.

Munyaradzi Madziire, Zimbabwe

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