Support for disobedience from SA

BY ZAKEUS CHIBAYA MAPUTO - The South African-based Zimbabwe Action Support Group has agreed to intensify its bid to mobilise Zimbabweans for massive civil disobedience to oust the Mugabe regime. Co-ordinator, Rogers Mudarikwa, said a rally in Maputo later this month would discuss various stra


“The struggle for Zimbabwe is now in the hands of Zimbabweans in exile because the people in the country are oppressed and unable to raise their finger against the regime. The exiles, especially in the neighbourhood, should take the responsibility to liberate the country,” he said.

“We will be following the footsteps Mugabe used to gain into power and nothing is going to stop us,” he added. Resistance in the country has become non-existent because of the Public Order and Security Act, which prohibits people from gathering.

Many activists have been arrested, tortured and detained in Zimbabwe after trying to stage demonstration or hold meetings.

ZASG’s aim is the establishment of a new government by the end of this year and elections supervised by the United Nations.

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