The mud is not sticking

EDITOR - What is it going to take for us to get to the root of the MDC problem? I think there is a risk that the Welshman group is over-simplifying the issue. Country consultation is the only way to determine which side should be MDC. The Welshman group seems to be saying Morgan should never have

consulted anyone besides them. It is important to note that being elected does not give you a mandate to make decisions that alienate that whole population.

Secondly, which violence sanctioned by Morgan Tsvangirai are they talking about and if sensible people are to be asked, why is he not getting arrested if he is committing such acts? Ask Gibson to go and report to the police that Morgan has sanctioned this violence and where are the people who have been affected?

And what about the group of 25 of them who secretly engaged Zanu (PF) in Britain and America behind the back of their leader. Is this the correct way of running a party like MDC?

When you throw mud and it fails to stick, people will always come up with reasons but will those reasons be sensible enough? We have heard so many varied stories and the mud is still not sticking, including Morgan met Mujuru, Morgan and the constitution, Morgan and violence, Morgan and I want to be President.

JR, Zimbabwe

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