UN last acted in 1945

EDITOR - In 1945 the United Nations arrested and tried the leaders of Germany and Japan. These were the people who had ravaged Europe and Asia. They had destroyed their countries and in so doing killed millions of people. These Leaders were tried, most found guilty and executed. It was a clear messa

ge to the people of Germany and Japan that what these men had done was wrong. As a result the Germans and Japanese learnt their lesson and within a few decades through honest hard work had rebuilt their shattered countries.

Unfortunately, that was the last time that the United Nations acted decisively. Since then men like Idi Amin, Mengistu, Mobuto Sese Seko, Pol Pot and Ferdinand Marcos have raped their countries and murdered their countrymen. When they were eventually overthrown, they and their supporters went into retirement in exile with their ill-gotten gains. Nothing was done to them. They were not arrested and tried. They appeared to leave their shattered countries and live happily ever after. As a result politicians realise that they can get away with raping their countries and the cycle continues uninterrupted.

This shows that the future for Zimbabwe is looking very grim. Since Mugabe has corrupted the whole of Zimbabwean society, bankrupted the country, allowed the infrastructure to collapse, brainwashed a large portion of the youth and created a system of patronage, any new government coming into power will find the fight to turn the country around too difficult and within a short space of time will give up and become totally corrupt.

The only way to turn the country around is to set an example that all will understand and will act as a deterrent. Basically with the fall of Zanu (PF), the criminals will need to be rounded up tried and executed. All their in gotten gains must be seized and used to repair the infrastructure of Zimbabwe. Any country which gives asylum to any of these criminals should have its and its nationals assets in Zimbabwe seized. Zimbabwe needs to put a firm end to the cycle of corruption or it will never fully recover.

Leonidas, Salisbury, Wiltshire

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