US policy shift not surprising

EDITOR - The recent policy shift by the United States to resume the SADC-US annual forum is not surprising. After all this is America and will always be. One of the major mistakes that the Zimbabwean people did was to put so much faith into the US and her western allies to influence change in Zimba

bwe. America has and will always put their interest first beyond the human life of anybody who is not American and least of all Africans.

The only reason why the western powers came out so strongly against Robert Mugabe’s government was because he had began to hurt their interest and rebel against them after he realised that he had fallen out with them and they wanted him out of power. It is a fact that we all know but refuse to accept and believe.

Where were America and Britain during the Matebeleland massacres? Why did they not impose sanctions then? Why did they not speak out against human rights abuses then? How can they have an American ambassador in Zimbabwe and vice-versa while telling the world that Zimbabwe has an illegitimate government?

By the way, do you know that if Saddam Hussein were an American ally, if he had played ball and allowed them easy access to their interest there, especially oil, it wouldn’t have mattered how much atrocities he had committed, how many innocent people he had killed not to mention the pretext to dethrone him of weapons of mass destruction – he would still be in power today.

They care less about who rules Zimbabwe so long as he conforms to their definition of a democrat. Lets also not forget how and when the now crumbling main opposition party was formed. It was a time when the Zimbabwean people desperately needed change, opening up a gap for ambitious, fortune-seeking juvenile politicians who had hoped and yes should have walked into the state house.

Anybody could have formed a political party then. Its death will therefore be as sudden as its birth and maybe then out of its ashes there might just spring a much more respectable movement, and the west is watching this development with a great deal of interest. In the meantime they have seen who they should play with, who is calling the shots in present day Zimbabwe with no imminent threat in sight, and they will play with him – not for the good of a Zimbabwean life, but for their interests.

CHRISTOPHER TSHUMA, Knysna, South Africa

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