Who are the voiceless?

EDITOR - The difficulties within the MDC have led to virtually most political activities concerned with events in Zimbabwe taking sides one-way or the other. It is obvious that your paper long decided to unquestionably side with Mr. Tsvangirai's interpretation of events within the MDC. That is your

right and entitlement. But please do not refer to yourselves as the “voice of the voiceless” because you are not. You are Mr Tsvangirai’s voice, and that is your entitlement.

I object though, to such Herald -like distortion such as represented by the picture on the front page of the Zimbabwean of the 19 January 2006. It is clear that the story really is not about the Matebeleland South MDC congress, the story is about legitimizing an irregularity. Mr Lovemore Moyo stood for position of secretary at the Provincial Congress held on 21 December 2005 by those you refer to as a “pro-senate splinter group, he received one vote and then turns up at your chosen provincial congress, and is elected chairman!

How do the voiceless get to know that this is what happened if you do not report it? How does Mr Mzila Ndlovu, elected by 90% of the original structures of the province “defect”. Mzila has been elected for the second time as chairperson of the MDC Matebeleland South Province. Is saying so too harmful to Tsvangirai’s image.

I would be the first to admit that these are difficult times for opposition politics in Zimbabwe. Situations like this require more than ever, balanced reporting. Psychophantic reporting is to a large extent responsible for the dictatorship that is the scar across the face of Africa. The Zimbabwean has a responsibility not to soil journalism in Zimbabwe. State newspapers do a good job of that, leave it to them.

Paul Themba Nyathi, Harare

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