World watches helplessly

EDITOR - The political situation in Zimbabwe continues to be gloomy each day and the violence is increasing and deepening as the recent clean up operation showed in 2005. More repressive laws have been passed disenfranchising Zimbabweans in foreign lands, like the Nationality Bill passed in Septemb

er 2005 through which people will find it difficult to renew their passport once they are sent back to Zimbabwe after they have claimed aslyum in the UK as they are deemed traitors or enemies of the state.

Zimbabwe is a country where people suffer as individuals on a massive scale under the totalitarian regime of Robert Mugabe. They are unable to freely elect their leaders. People are subjected to torture from the very agents of state who are meant to protect them. The Movement for Democratic Chance (MDC) Zimbabwe’s only viable opposition party is being crippled every day by Mugabe’s instrument of terror (state agents) . Where is the world in all this? Has it turned a blind eye on Zimbabwe?

The situation in Zimbabwe is now like that of Germa ny in Hitler’s days, when the world ignored it for too long until it took a world war to stop it. The world should find a way to resolve the Zimbabwean issue. Mugabe is now like a loose cannon, destroying everything in his path. He should be dealt with now by whatever means, even if it means deadly force to topple him

Amidst all this people flee to the UK for safety. But once you seek asylum, you risk being bundled back on the first flight to Zimbabwe. How can anyone consider sending people back to Zimbabwe where Mugabe’s henchmen lie in wait? Zimbabwe is a land of tears and blood.

I appeal to the world to save Zimbabwe when there is still a Zimbabwe to save for it is now a house divided and a house of hunger and despair.


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