Govt-pro-Senate honeymoon over

BULAWAYO – After the initial honeymoon period, in which they enjoyed unprecedented favourable exposure in the government-controlled med, the pro-Senate faction of the MDC led by Arthur Mutambara, has been dr

opped as flavour of the month.

The secretary for information, George Charamba, last week instructed editors in the state media not to give any coverage to the faction unless the leaders were arrested or died.

Opposition parties in Zimbabwe have been denied media space for more than a decade now.

Mutambara has now written to the minister of information, Tichaona Jokonya, complaining about the news blackout of his party’s activities, including his acceptance speech at the faction’s congress on February 25 and his meeting with MDC structures in Chitungwiza on March 12. “However, prior to our congress, the public media was awash with stories about us,” says the letter. “We believe this was meant to fan and perpetuate divisions in the MDC.”

Mutambara warned Jokonya that his ministry’s unwarranted interference with information dissemination would further damage the already battered image of Zimbabwe and asked him to take corrective measures. – Own correspondent

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