MDC Congress resolutions

The following resolutions were passed by the MDC at its regional congress in Harare at the weekend: &nbs


(1) That the Party reaffirms its commitment to establishing democratic change in Zimbabwe through peaceful and democratic means.

(2) That the Party reaffirms its identity as a social democratic, social liberation movement whose core values are social justice, democracy, equality, transparency, liberty, freedom and accountability.

(3) Acknowledging the serious structural economic crisis, absence of jobs, high inflation, collapsed industrial and agricultural output, huge budget deficit and a serious macroeconomic crisis, it is resolved to comprehensively address the crisis through the party’s RESTART programme.

(4) Noting the subjective, chaotic, uneven and unequal land reform programme, it is resolved to deal with the land question once and for all through an independent Land Commission that will address the crisis on principles of need and ability, underpinned by compliance with the rule of law.

(5) Noting the high levels of HIV/Aids, the huge food deficit, the collapse of the public health and the public transport system, Congress resolves through the RESTART programme to comprehensively address the social crisis of the failed state.

(6) Acknowledging the criminalization, militarization, personalization and privatization of the dictatorial state, the corruption of the judiciary, the public services and all other arms of the State, Congress resolves to put the issue and demand for a new people-driven Constitution at the forefront of the struggle for change by the working people of Zimbabwe.

(7) Acknowledging the depth of the national crisis, and the need for a united and popular front, Congress resolves that the party will work with civic like minded civic and political organizations in pursuit of the agenda for change.

(8) Noting the complete failure of the electoral process in Zimbabwe and the futility of pursuing an exclusive electoral struggle, the party resolves to engage in peaceful democratic confrontation and resistance to the regime.

(9) Acknowledging the fragmented nature of the broad democratic movement, civic society, the churches and the opposition, Congress resolves to work for the unity of all genuine cadres to the struggle.

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