New group calls for resistance

HARARE – A new organisation calling itself the Zimbabwe Patriotic Resistance Front (ZPRF) has issued a statement renouncing “all submission to Zanu (PF)’s rule” and calling for “the creation of an enabling space for the de

mocratic and economic empowerment of the people”.

Signed by General Ibva Chembere, the statement calls on all patriotic and democratic political forces and persons to “join us in establishing and drawing up an effective strategy for armed resistance to smash the despotic regime, employing all available means and by mobilizing all the capacities of our people who reject oppression.”

The statement continues: “We can no longer leave the destiny of our country in the hands of an obdurate despot and corrupt criminals …We have a duty to defend our people and our future. It is our right to fight for freedom.” – Own correspondent

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