‘Tea boy’ is ready!


‘Tea boy’ is ready!

EDITOR - Zimbabweans have spoken. Allow me to express my joy through your paper that what happened on 18-19 March 2006 will for ever give sleepless nights to both the Mugabe par

tnership of the MDC (PF) and Zanu (PF), that the Tea Boy is ready to prepare the best coffee for this nation as well as raising hopes for the those brutalised and tortured during 2000 to 2006.

The only way to let the nation and international community be always informed about the regime’s notorious activities is that information is power. So there is great need to update the MDC website to subscribe to the B-TV viewers since its a free channel in Zimbabwe, hence we are not having enough coverage locally and know the truth about how BabaChatunga and MDC (PF? have become a liability to the nation. Lastly, to the MDC (PF) – it’s your choice guys to jump into the salvation ship or sink. I hope you now realised that you under-estimated President Tsvangirai’s strength.

FT Mr Thunder, Glen Norah

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