Zanu (PF) in a state of panic – Chamisa

HARARE - State Security minister, Didymus Mutasa, has shocked Zimbabweans by issuing threats, on state television, of physical elimination against MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai and others

in the party’s top leadership.

“That a top government minister could appear on national television making such chilling statements confirms that the regime is panicking. The dictatorship is suffering from a serious guilty conscience over its authorship of the Zimbabwean crisis and is now engaged in shameful acts of shadowboxing,” said party spokesman Nelson Chamisa.

“We would like to sternly warn the MDC to desist from attempting to unseat the government. We will eliminate them physically. We will not hesitate to do that because they are inviting physical elimination. This is a disastrous way that Tsvangirai has chosen for himself. We will not fold our hands,” said Mutasa.

Two months ago, President Tsvangirai told diplomats in Harare that the regime was intent on physically eliminating him, that there was a plot to destabilize the opposition and to physically eliminate its leadership. Those ignorant of the ways of this regime doubted the sincerity of his statement. But Mutasa has now let the cat out of the bag.

“Lawlessness is a hallmark of the Mugabe regime. Mutasa has provided the world with the proof that he is prepared to engage in Zanu (PF)-inspired thuggery and revert to state-sponsored banditry to quell any attempt to remove the government. Mutasa is threatening not the law, but death to President Tsvangirai and all perceived enemies of this regime. There is no better illustration of the absence of the rule of law in this country than this chilling threat of state-sponsored banditry,” said Chamisa.

He said Mutasa’s aim was to intimidate citizens from demanding a resolution to the national crisis.

“In light of these threats, we wish the world to know that we believe in peaceful and democratic co-existence with all democratic political institutions in the country. But we unreservedly assert our right to express ourselves in a democratic and peaceful manner. The right for Zimbabweans to express themselves is inalienable. We will defend it with our lives. We will not yield to threats or any undue pressure,” asserted Chamisa.

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