Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 25th March 2006

LONDON - A soggy Vigil. It has been so dry in England that we haven't used our tarpaulin for some time - long enough for some people to forget that

when we prod it with our brollies, heavy with rain, it cascades over everyone on the periphery! Vigil Co-ordinator Dumi Tutani, from Southampton, was tireless leading the singing and everyone was supplied with tea thanks to the generosity of Patricia, the daughter of the venerated Jairos Jiri, who donated three thermos jugs. Yeukai happily took on the role of tea lady, filling the thermos jugs with boiling water from our friendly local pub, Theodore Bullfrog, and making sure everyone had tea and coffee to order.

Two of our stalwarts, Ephraim Tapa and Julius Mutyambezi-Dewa, went to support our sister vigil in Bristol on their first day. Ephraim welcomed them to the “Vigil family” and spoke of the need to see ourselves as Zimbabweans rather than cling to a tribal identity. He emphasized that the vigils would continue until there were free and fair elections in Zimbabwe and people could go home to rebuild the country.

Julius spoke of the importance of the Zimbabwean diaspora. He said so many Zimbabweans who had much to offer the country had been dispersed but they were vital in determining the future of Zimbabwe.

We were lifted by news that two of our supporters, Richard and Philipa, have had their asylum status granted which means they can now work here until things are right in Zimbabwe for them to return home. You may remember us mentioning that Richard had been tagged by the Home Office – he is still waiting for the tag to be removed.

FOR THE RECORD: 50 signed the register. FOR YOUR DIARY: Zimbabwe Forum, Upstairs at the Theodore Bullfrog pub, 28 John Adam Street, London WC2 (cross the Strand from the Zimbabwe Embassy, go down a passageway to John Adam Street, turn right and you will see the pub). Monday, 3rd April, 7.30 pm – Peter Tatchell will talk on how to campaign effectively to put Zimbabwe on the UK agenda.

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