LONDON - Record label Black Mango Music and African Hip Hop sub label Afrolution Records, will be holding their official re-launch at the exclusive Dex Club in Brixton tomorrow (Friday April 28).
Formerly Amabala, the record label was launched in 1999 to promote Southern African music live in the

UK, this has included artists such as Johnny Clegg and Savuka. Black Mango music is now an international record label. The latest release, from Nigerian Afrobeat artist Inemo, will be available at the end of May 2006.
Inemo will be playing live at the event, along with record label owners Trenton Birch from South Africa and Dennis Tapfuma from Zimbabwe – who will spin their own mix of South African Kwaito, Soulful House and African Hip Hop.
Other Zimbabwean artists to be showcased under Afrolution Records include DKR and Begotten Sun. Along with Kimba from Malawi’s Real Elements they will be performing tracks from a new compilation DVD, which will be released by Afrolution Records in June 2006.
According to a spokesperson for the label the CD/DVD compilation, called Afrolution Volume 1, has “been getting very positive feedback and reviews”. The compilation showcases award winners JJC & 419 Squad and platinum selling group Metaphysics.
“The event promises to be an exhilarating musical outing and will serve as the grand inauguration to the new generation of modern African music,” said a spokesperson for the label, adding that, between sets, DJ Ilka would be treating guests to a variety of Afrobeats such as Soukous and African Hip Hop.

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