Harare-Munich twinning celebrated

MUNICH - Hundreds of people gathered here at the weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the partnership between the cities of Harare and Munich. " Due to the difficult political situation, the twinning is different from what we imagined 10 years ago," said Mayor Hep Monatzeder as he opened

the festivities, ” but it is all the more important not to abandon the citizens of Harare now.” He then cut a huge, 10-tier cake, with Robert Franck, the representative of HamuPa /ESS (Harare-Munich Partnership/ Ecumenical support Services) and Sister Tendai Makonese, from the Dominican convent in Harare. The German-Zimbabwean band “Pamuzinda-Munich” entertained the crowd, which donated €400 for human rights work in Harare. Some people asked if it would not be better to cancel the twinning as there is no contact between the Munich City Council and the (illegal) Commission, which is misruling Harare. ” There is close co-operation between the City and its organs and the citizens’ group HaMuPa which uses any opportunity it can to organise public meetings and run information stands. For HaMuPa it is a political school. We have learnt very much through our friends in Harare. We have learnt that civil and human rights need to be defended. We can’t take them for granted,” said a spokesman for the organisers.

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