How to email safely

HARARE – With the security and privacy of all types of communication under threat by the Mugabe regime, the following practical advice could help:
1) Using web-based email is one way as it avoids using the smtp server address of your service provider (they are being forced by governme

nt to create links that will enable the CIO and military intelligence officers to spy on email and telephone traffic). You need to keep away from port 25 and your traditionally set up email clients, like Outlook or Outlook Express. Use Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or some other offshore-based service.
2) The other option is to use encryption. This can be done quite easily by downloading a programme called Thunderbird – and then installing the extension called Enigmail (OpenPGP provided by Enigmail.) This extension can be obtained from It is easy to install and set up.
3) There are a number of free mail server software programmes around. For example, you can download a free version of Postcast smtp server. This means that you can send mail directly from your computer avoiding your service provider. The Free version of this software can be obtained at the bottom of this page at . This means that you can send mail as a local host.
4) It is imperative that you have a firewall on your computer. Again, there are number of free ones available. Sygate is one option. This can be obtained at If you have a spare old computer, you might consider installing a Linux firewall like Smoothwall. This is particularly useful if you are in a network.
The Zimbabwean will be consulting widely over the coming weeks with people who have superior skills and knowledge in this area. We will keep readers supplied with sound advice on how to keep safe and avoid being hassled by these latest attacks on our personal freedoms. – Ed

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