Letters – 19/4/06

Your vote is your answer
EDITOR - Thank you very much for allowing us to air our views concerning our beloved country. I would like to blow my trumpet on the once-respected Professor Welshman Ncube – who we thought was the true professor for the true MDC. But he failed to keep his deser

ved position given by us – the true supporters of the opposition.
I would like to ask him please to stop misguiding people, saying that he is the true MDC when we are well aware of all that is happening. It would be better from him to continue associating with his Mugabe and looks for another name for his puppet party.
I appeal to Zimbabweans to leave the money-monger professor alone with his dirty game of putting national politics on a tribal basis. Your vote is your answer.

Confrontation – NOW!
EDITOR – I would like to commend the leader of the MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai, for taking an unrelenting and defiant stand against the political machinations of Robert Mugabe’s regime. His re-election to retain the presidency of his party shows that people have come to realise that presently he poses the most genuine challenge to the evil despotism. This marvellous development has certainly shaken pessimists and proponents of factionalism.
Debate over which bloc is stronger (the pro-senate or anti-senate) is a sheer waste of our time. Those who have chosen a mistaken mindset to partake in fuelling tension and confusion among MDC supporters are absolutely disgusting.
I have a strong conviction that those with sane minds will applaud Tsvangirai’s call for peaceful mass action. It is common knowledge that Zanu (PF) oppressors are adamantly refusing to yield to an environment of flawless elections.
Arrogance has become their cherished norm and violence their hallmark. We have all seen that African leaders do not have the spine to effectively encourage the aged dictator to step down. To make matters worse, Thabo Mbeki’s self-styled concealed diplomacy seems to have borne no fruit.
Against this backdrop we cannot fold our hands and expect change to come by itself on a silver platter. Let us confront the regime now. No amount of their intimidation should stop us in our quest for free will. We definitely need a new constitution to ensure our protection from bad governance as well as keep us in the same footing with the rest of the democratic global village. I have no doubt that the recently assembled MDC team has the capacity to lead us.
Although on the flip side the brutal regime is making every effort to prevent any renewed action of civil disobedience, there is every reason to believe that their atrocious empire is nearing its end. It is gratifying that despite the government’s militarisation of the state many of those in the army and police now recognise the need to seek political change as they also begin to feel the grinding effects of economic collapse. For that reason the political landscape appears poised for change. Mugabe’s self-imposed rule has increasingly become of no relevance to us, hence his departure is long overdue.
JAY ZAT, Johannesburg

Tired of waiting
EDITOR – Now look, wasting our time talking about some people’s misfortunes does not get us anywhere. The point is that we Zimbabweans need freedom, full stop. I lived in SA myself and I have seen guys with a spine. Zimbabweans say they have experienced a liberation war before, that is why they can’t remove Mugabe force. But that is no excuse. People die everywhere – it is only a question of time. If the MDC wants people to fight Zanu we are plenty and really tired of waiting to be contacted.
So when a war vet is complaining about shortcomings that really gets me annoyed coz they are the beneficiaries of Zanu.

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