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Email safely
EDITOR - With regard to your article "How to email safely" by Ed. Please advise your readers to look at www.izecom.com for free download of email encryption software.

Zanu (PF) comrades -

take note
EDITOR – The self-imposed evil heroic comrades may still believe that they can continue to conduct themselves with ongoing impunity. But they should know by now that Zimbabwe is unavoidably within the international community. Truth, accountability and already recorded historical conduct cannot be suppressed forever.
The names and the records of activities of the many flouters of all things considered to be normal have already been locally and internationally recorded pending due processes.
As Zimbabwe continues to implode with self-serving bandits at the helm, these architects of inflicted harm and disaster to others must by now be becoming more than anxious about their survival and their futures.
Their state-sponsored gravy train is now virtually paralyzed – there is little left to loot except from each other. Signs of escalated hallucination, blame passing, self-protective justification and frantic paranoia are already visible.
Perhaps they now hope solidarity comrade Thabo Mbeki will give them haven and immunity when their due time comes? History is totally against them. Others have walked the same path and have got their just dues.
Consider the summarily executed Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, suicidal Adolf Hitler of Germany, nut case Idi Amin of Uganda, and more recently Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia who expired in an international prison before he got his sentence.
There are no revered memories or hero’s acres for any of these evil-doers in history. It may have taken some time, but the likes of Charles Taylor in the end will also get their deserved lot.
It is expected that certain Zimbabwe leaders will have a similar repute or fate in the not to distant future.

Rebels are rebels
EDITOR – For the benefit of all Zimbabweans, please report rebels as rebels. Do you want opposition politics in Zimbabwe to go back to the drawing board again? They are not pro-senate MDC but outright rebels and can you please report them like that. Just give Tsvangirai a chance please. Can’t you see that because of the split Tsvangirai is now under pressure to deliver the goods. I don’t hate the rebels at all. but forward ever and backwards never.
I am not saying Tsvangirai was right, but by continuous reporting of this nasty pro and anti-senate issue is definitely worsening the split and weakening the

We salute the YCL
EDITOR – The Movement for Democratic Change would like to salute the South African youths for the solidarity they are giving to us as Zimbabweans. The recent demonstration under the leadership of the Young Communist League (YCL) in JHB, demonstrates to us that indeed, the progressive forces in South Africa understand our suffering.
The progressive youth formations are engaged in a struggle to ensure that there is democracy not only in Zimbabwe but in the whole of SADC. Initially, the progressive forces where not keen to work with us. To them, the MDC was counter- revolutionary, puppets of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and of the West.
Morgan Tsvangirai’s association with the DA confirmed their suspicion and it became quite difficult to be accepted as a party in RSA.
It was clear to the progressive forces when Paul T Nyathi and I attended the
SACP Congress in 2002, that within the MDC, there are men and women who are
progressive. The renewal of the MDC under the leadership of Prof Mutambara
is a step in the right direction.
NGQABUTHO DUBE, MDC Information Officer, RSA

Faction on death-bed
EDITOR – As the 100% MDC is becoming stronger and stronger day in and out His Excellency President Morgan Tsvangirai is on a campaign to rally the nation for a new Zimbabwe.
Zimbabweans have a problem. Even if you take two of them as far as to the moon for only 12 hours, you will not be surprised to find out that as few as they are they will have created more political parties on the moon.
A mistake was certainly made by our brothers in arms led by Prof Ncube and the hired Mutambara, who has now found himself strangled helplessly by his own rope. The defections which have rocked the Zanu (PF)-sponsored MDC-PF now leave the faction on its death bed.
F T THUNDER, Glen Norah

Help for Sarhanna
EDITOR – I was moved to read about the plight of Sarhanna Hassim. If you’d like
to pass my email address onto him/her I will see if there’s anything that can be done to help with school fees. – Sarhanna please get in touch with us. – Ed
DM, Australia

A call to action
EDITOR – I write today on the verge of massive people’s action in Zimbabwe. I
write for the dignity of all Zimbabweans and for the destiny of democracy.
I write for all of us in the diaspora to stand firm in support of the mass protests. I write for all men and women in the diaspora to stand out and identify with the cries of pain and the hymns of protest of the oppressed people of Zimbabwe. Their cause has always been our cause too because it is all of us who must confront the regime and overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice.
I write to urge all Zimbabweans all over the world of all parties, of all tribes and of all colours to consider themselves part of the on-going struggle and part of the massive people’s protests. I urge all of us to be active participants in that just cause.
The regime has promised brutality and death – but they cannot kill the spirit and they cannot stop the movement. The time for emancipation and justice has come. Even if they arrest and kill some of us or eliminate our leadership, the battle will not be over until they pack and go. If you listen carefully you will not miss the fear in their voices, the regime is shaking in its boots. So I wish to strongly say to all of us in the diaspora and all those who believe in righting the wrong and universal justice, Let us start saving now.
When the protests are called in Zimbabwe we shall all congregate at all Zimbabwean Embassies wherever we are. In the UK we shall all gather at the Embassy, no 429 The Strand. Save enough for food because we shall wake up at the embassy and sleep at the embassy and spend all our days there until the dictatorship crumbles.

We are creatures of luxury
EDITOR – What a strange lot we are, longing for things to go back to the way they were, but here we are (myself included) just sitting in a foreign country and hoping things work themselves out. Well they probably won’t. You know drastic positive results require drastic positive actions. How many of us Zim peeps will go back and fight to turn things around, and I don’t mean fight as in physical violence – not many, how many will take our skills back to help rebuild the country – very few.
Creatures of luxury we all are, if the going is not good, jump boat and sail to a place where our typical Zimbabwean lifestyle can be accommodated, no matter what price we have to pay.
I see even the Mozambicans are now taking advantage of us. Maybe it is our destiny to be suffering timid people. Maybe this was a good wake-up to all of us to see what the rest of the world thinks about us. Our pride has been dented, but I’m sure those of us abroad can do something positive to revive our little mealie plant, and put a smile back on our faces?

What went wrong?
EDITOR – The Herald is usually a very boring newspaper. But on Independence day they gave us something to think about. They had, in their independence day special, a speech that was delivered by the President on the eve of independence in 1980.
In that speech Mugabe talks about reconciliation and the need to forget the past and focus on rebuilding the nation. But today, 26 years later, Mugabe and his bandwagon of misfits hardly spend a day without reminding us of how bad Ian Smith was and how glad we should be that he and others managed to dismantle colonialism.
While I do not sympathise with colonialism, I just couldn’t stop myself wondering what went wrong along the way. Today we know Mugabe as a person with a deep hatred for whites and everything they stand for, a far cry from the President we thought we had in 1980.
Today he has gone a step further; He hates with a passion those who dare contradict his increasingly paranoid and ruinous leadership skills. What went wrong along the way CDE president?
SIR DUNCAN C, Bulawayo

Who can celebrate?
EDITOR – Mugabe came to power with the help and support of many countries in the west, including Britain. Nepotism soon became the order of the day with Mugabe
quickly ensuring the police, military, airforce and certain civil servants remained faithful to him. Those who faltered or failed were replaced with kith and kin or clan members who would neither question nor doubt his authority or his dictatorial leadership.
The Zimbabwean economy is in total collapse with millions of Zimbabweans now
dying of hunger, with unemployment increasing daily, persecution, illegal
imprisonment and death for those who are outspoken against either the present regime or it’s current policies.
The so-called African Union, in particular South Africa, remain silent while Mugabe travels the world with impunity. None of these African leaders during the ANC’s 100th anniversary in 2007 will either show guilt nor remorse for what they as Africans have done in the past, but will play the blame game and race card as they do so well.
Who in Zimbabwe can celebrate after 26 years of failed initiatives and policies but the present Zanu (PF) regime?

Do they have any conscience?
EDITOR – Through your paper I would like to address the World Leaders – if any of them still have a conscience that is active and alive. Extreme sanctions are put on Zimbabwe. Who is suffering? The poor – where bread and milk have become a luxury. At the present time, we have been blessed by God, by the beautiful weather that we have. Nature is at peace and at it’s best.
Thank God that the World Leaders are not in control of the weather as the hurricanes and all the devastating phenomena would be attacking us. On second thoughts – even the sunlight would be taken away from us.

Looking for Steve
EDITOR – I am currently doing bible school in Gauteng and God has spoken to me about Zimbabwe. We are getting clothes, shoes and much more together for the
homeless people in Zimbabwe. There is a man named Steve who is helping the
homeless. I am trying to find him or anybody else who will be able to help take these things to the right people in Zimbabwe. Hope to hear from anybody soon. [email protected]
ALANA, Gauteng

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