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HARARE - The ruling Zanu (PF) has now privatised Independence Day celebrations and all other national events, Nelson Chamisa, publicity secretary of the main wing of the MDC said this week.
Reacting to President Robert Mugabe’s speech at the national sports stadium

in Harare to mark Zimbabwe’s 26th anniversary of Independence, Chamisa said the aging dictator had used the opportunity to threaten all those he perceived to be his enemies.
“He is a cornered man who is out of touch with reality. Threats of violence have become the chief characteristic of his government. The man is a liability to the country and to our national Independence,” he said. “We can’t allow a geriatric to hold the whole country to ransom.”
The MDC boycotted the Independence celebrations in protest against the ‘privatisation’ of this and other national events by the ruling party. For many years now, Independence celebrations have been taken over as party events, where they shout only Zanu (PF) slogans, wear Zanu (PF) regalia and their leaders fulminate against all other political parties.
“The ruling party has bastardised national events – they no longer know the meaning of the word national,” said Chamisa.
At this year’s event, Mugabe also attacked the many Zimbabweans who have fled his misrule to build a new life for themselves and their families abroad – mainly in South Africa and UK – deriding them for deserting him in order to go and do menial work overseas.
“His rantings clearly show a disturbed mind,” said Chamisa. “He now threatens violence unashamedly on his own people. But Zimbabweans are not afraid of him any more. They are too hungry to listen to his nonsense. The people of Zimbabwe are only interested in finding out how we can get out of our mess, find employment and feed our families.”

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