Protestors will be shot – Mutasa

HARARE - Zimbabwe State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa on Tuesday ratcheted up pressure against the opposition threatening to "use guns" to thwart anti-government protests and warning its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, he would pay with his life if he called such protests.
Mutasa, in charge of

the government’s spy Central Intelligence Organisation and probably the most powerful of President Robert Mugabe’s lieutenants, boasted that Mugabe and his ruling Zanu (PF) party had “shed blood before” to free Zimbabwe from colonialism.
“Anyone, particularly Tsvangirai, who threatens peace and stability in this country will get capital punishment … and we mean it. We maintain organs of national security such as the army to protect the stability and integrity of our country. They will be instructed to use all resources at their disposal, including guns (to stop protests),” said Mutasa.
Tsvangirai, who says the MDC has lost faith in elections as a democratic tool to change the government because Mugabe always rigs polls, has vowed to call mass anti-government protests this winter to force the government to accept a new and democratic constitution that would ensure free and fair polls.
The MDC leader last Sunday told thousands of supporters at a rally in Bulawayo that he was ready to lead from the front in street protests to force Mugabe to accept democracy even if this led to his own death. – ZimOnline

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