Racism and bribery exposed on safari in Zim

LONDON - A British newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, has exposed sickening racism, bloodlust and bribery in a safari company in which Zimbabwean cabinet minister Webster Shamu and billionaire businessman Charles Davey are the major shareholders. Davey is the father of Chelsey, girlfriend of Pri

nce Harry – third in line to the British throne. The expose was done by Caroline Graham who went undercover on a 10-day hunt in Zimbabwe with the company, HHK Safaris, at its 200,000-acre property at Riverside in the Deka area of Matabeleland north.
Ade Langley, 49, who works for Davy’s HHK Safaris company told Graham: “The niggers are like dogs for us. We call them African short-haired pointers. Most of them are HIV positive. I lose trackers every year to AIDS. Every male of breeding age is infected.” In more sickening comments, Langley added: “Their sexual practices are disgusting. Most have at least two wives and many mistresses. When they get sick, you can smell it on their skin along with their normal stale smell. When one dies, there is always another to take his place.” Davey was one of the few white landowners who was spared from eviction in the 2000 land grab and subsequent invasions and theft of land and movable property by government ministers and state-authorised thugs. He went into partnership with Shamu at the height of the farm invasions. Graham’s article says Davey boasts strong links with Robert Mugabe’s brutal regime, with workers claiming that HHK survives ‘because they know the right people’. The reporter also found out that the company only repatriates 20% of the foreign currency earned by hunting. “Less than 20% of your dollars will ever enter Zimbabwe. All the money is kept offshore. I was in Reno recently for a safari convention and we took US$300,000 in payment from American hunters. I sat in a hotel room with Graham and counted the dollars into bundles and then we went to Dallas to put it into the bank,” Langley told her. Val van Wyk, a friend of Davey’s told her that Chelsey’s father was now trying to distance himself from the company because of the problems created by the media. “He has had to disassociate himself from HHK because of the bloody press. No-one cared what was going on out here until Chelsey started dating Harry. It has caused Charles (Davey) a lot of unnecessary problems. He just wants to run his business and make money and survive – just like all of us. Goodness knows, times are hard enough without all the dreadful press.”

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