Top civil servant acknowledges Harare shambles

HARARE - The shambolic administration of Harare by a Zanu (PF) appointed commission has been openly acknowledged by the top civil servant in the Ministry of Local Government and by a Mugabe-supporting ex-mayor.
Local Government Ministry Permanent Secretary Patson Mbiriri told a parliamentar

y committee that the city workers are lazy and the administration had no priorities, simply channelling revenues into the same coffers. “The attitude of the workers leaveas a lot to be desired. Nobody cares about putting an eight-hour work effort,” said Mbiriri. “… We have not had strict and forthright management over the last few years.” Zanu (PF) Senator Charles Tawengwa said bluntly: “We have inept people running the affairs of Harare.” The Combined Harare Residents’ Association, which is battling to have the commission replaced by an elected council, is urging a rates boycott .- Own Correspondent

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