Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 22nd April 2006

What a wonderful day: bathed in gentle, warm sunshine, our four maple trees bursting into leaf. And such thrilling drumming by Bie Tapa and Mike Bennett with the dancing led with spring exuberance by Vigil Co-ordinators Dumi Tutani and Evelyn Tafirenyika.
Joining in was the Rev Dr

Martine Stemerick whose filmed reports about what is happening in Zimbabwe provide such powerful ammunition for our cause. Also with us was Yvonne Mahlunge, a lawyer and MDC activist who works tirelessly for Zimbabwean asylum seekers.
It was very moving to have such a rich mixture of people joining hands in a wide circle outside the trees to sing the national anthem. This always attracts attention from passers-by.
Welcome back to Wiz who had just returned from a trip to Zimbabwe and Mozambique. She brought back many interesting stories about life at home and a thick wad of Zimbabwean bank notes, which we displayed as only buying half a loaf of bread.
We were pleased that three young men who have just graduated from Peterhouse sought us out and knew there were people over here trying to help Zimbabwe.
FOR THE RECORD: 51 signed the register. A REMINDER: there will be no forum on Monday, 1st May – the forum does not meet on public holidays.

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