A challenge to tomorrow’s leaders

When the MDC split in October 2005, very few people believed it would be possible for it to regroup and be in a position to threaten Zanu (PF). Within six months of that highly publicised split, the Tsvangirai side has re-invigorated itself to a level the party had not reached in si

x years of its existence.
This is evident in the way the party’s popularity is gathering momentum in South Africa. The National Executive Council (NEC)’s recent decision to grant provincial status to the MDC South Africa has positive implications to Zimbabweans in the diaspora.
The South African office will now enjoy the same rights and privileges as the provinces in Zimbabwe. We will be represented in the NEC and this will facilitate an easy flow of information. We will thus be very much part of the process of change in Zimbabwe, even if we are in South Africa.
The next step is the formation of districts throughout South Africa to ensure an all-inclusive process whereby an MDC office will be within reachable distance of all Zimbabweans down south. The districts will in turn come up with databases of members within their areas, which will help to authenticate our demand for a diaspora vote.
This will also be an opportunity to harness the quality leadership skills that are abundant in Zimbabweans residing here.
This new dispensation will be a boost to the youths of Zimbabwe. It is now that the youth should stand up and demand their rightful place in the struggle. This is the time when the wisdom of the old should be blended with the strength, exuberance and ingenuity of the youth to bring about sustainable democracy in our country.
This is the time when the youth of Zimbabwe should have a vision and formulate strategies to fulfill that vision, for they will be leaders tomorrow when democracy is finally realised. – Zenzo Moyo is the Information and Publicity Secretary in the interim Youth Committee in South Africa.

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