Congratulations to Budiriro

Congratulations to the people of Budiriro for giving Zanu (PF) a bloody nose. They have shown that they cannot be bought - with computers or food. They have shown

that they will not be terrified by rampaging ruling party thugs.
They have had enough of Zanu (PF)'s misrule a

nd oppression. And enough is enough.
Nothing less than a change of government will satisfy them now.
It is neither here nor there that fewer voters went to the polls than during the general elections of 2000 and 2005. Bye-elections in Zimbabwe do not, as a rule, generate much

What is significant is the fact that the MDC garnered 75% of the total votes cast, stamping its authority on Budiriro.
We all know that Zanu (PF) was up to its usual tricks – 3,000 new voters mysteriously appeared on the voters roll a few days before the election, while 3,000 names of

residents disappeared.
Despite the displacement of thousands of residents from Budiriro as a result of Operation Murambatsvina, and the deaths of thousands more from HIV/AIDS and other

diseases – the number of voters has remained static since 2000. Really?
In addition, several people were turned away at the voting booths for producing drivers’ licences, which, for the first time, were no longer accepted as proof of identity.
Perhaps most significant of all is that this election proved beyond doubt that there is no confusion in people’s minds concerning who is who in the MDC. The people

recognise only one MDC – that led by Morgan Tsvangirai – and they voted for it.
The final tally was nearly 8,000 votes for the Tsvangirai candidate, and 500 for the Mutambara faction. In politics, it’s numbers that count.

Dastardly deportations
We understand the secretary general of the Congress of SA Trade Union , COSATU, Zwelinzima Vavi has been declared persona non grata by the Zimbabwean government.

His only crime was to give solidarity to his fellow unionists during the recent ZCTU congress.
This is the action of a government that has something to hide.
Vavi was one of several people deported on arrival in Harare to attend the congress. None of them has ever been convicted of any offence. This high-handed behaviour on

the part of the authorities will not win hearts and minds.

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