‘Free Zimbabwe’ Bristol Vigil

BRISTOL - The April vigil was located right in the heart of the city centre, beside a busy pedestrian route and with a splendid view overlooking the harbour. It was a good catchment area for both residents doing their weekly shop and tourists enjoying the sights of Bristol.  

; Bristol City Council has allocated us this space for the next two months (May, June) and August. Unfortunately the July vigil will have to be cancelled due to the Bristol Harbour Festival celebrations.
We were joined by Caroline Watts from Exeter who did a great job helping us to set up and hand out leaflets. She kindly funded the printing of the leaflets and donated to the vigil a brand new cash box. Esther Tshuma and her friends provided drumming and dance and the Red Notes Choir sang rousing South African songs. Our thanks to all those involved for your time and support. 105 people signed the petition and we raised £50 for the Dignity, Period appeal.
Next month’s vigil will be held on 27th May. We have maps and directions available for anyone coming from outside Bristol. We particularly welcome any Zimbabweans with drums!
The Perian Centre in Bristol will be hosting Refugee Week events commencing on June 19. June 22 will be dedicated to Zimbabwe and the Bristol Vigil will be manning a stand on that day.

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