Invest in education

EDITOR - I am a student of the University of Zimbabwe and I am becoming
increasingly worried about the proceedings taking place at the so-called
highest institution of learning. After the sudden turn of events which saw
students being forced to pay exorbitant fees to get educated, it is

surprising to hear government officials claim that education is a basic
right for any Zimbabwean when in fact the educational system is now used to
ostracise people from poor backgrounds.

The VC seems to have discovered that it is now an offence to get educated
and so one should pay exorbitant fees. One thing that is frustrating is that
the very people who are charging exorbitant education fees are themselves
products of free education.

If President Mugabe could obtain a degree from free education during the
so-called “notorious Smith regime”, what’s the logic behind boasting that we
are free when in fact it was a change from bad to worse?

Dr Murerwa has the guts to say the government cannot invest in education
because it does not generate income, but it is the same education that
enables him to define income. Our plea is can the government please come
back to its senses and invest in education. The country has a shortage of
skilled personnel due to the brain drain. What will happen if the number of
people learning falls due to unaffordable education? We need help.

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