Let exiles vote – Mutambara

MANCHESTER - Zimbabweans in the diaspora should be allowed to vote, says the
leader of the pro-Senate faction of the MDC, Arthur Mutambara.
Speaking to supporters in Manchester at his first meeting in the UK at the
weekend, he said the denial of voting rights to millions of Zimbabweans

around the world was ‘a travesty that needs generational intervention’.

According to an eye-witness, Mutambara, secretary general Welshman Ncube and
his deputy Priscilla Misahairabwi Mushonga were accompanied by an official
entourage of about 20. The meeting itself was attended by 35 people. Two
Zimbabwean websites described the meeting as a ‘rally’ and said it was a
‘resounding success’.

“It seems strange that the group did not address a meeting in London, where
the majority of Zimbabweans live,” said the witness.

Mutambara left the UK for Norway on Monday as part of a diplomatic offensive
to garner support for his faction in several European countries.
He also spoke about his attempts to re-brand the MDC, saying the party
needed a make-over to rid it of what he called a ‘jacket of puppetry’ in
reference to allegations that it was too closely supported by Britain and
the United States.

“We are trying to build a principled, patriotic political party,” he said.
“We will not accept any (foreign) assistance that compromises our dignity
and sovereignty. Zanu (PF) will soon discover that they can no longer win
elections simply by claiming credit for the liberation struggle. We have
pulled the rug from under their feet.”

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