Letters 18/05/06

Apologise to BaTonga
EDITOR - May you seek Spiwe Chikosi's Apology to the BaTonga People regarding her article about them. I am Karanga, but I found her article lacked rigor and as such just served to ruffle feathers unnecessarily.
Having worked in Hwange in 2004, I found

a lot of missing gaps in their survey. I worked in the hospital a lot of the times and I interacted with a lot of HIV/AIDs patients from this area. I did find that the pandemic was in many respects similar to Harare, Marondera, Bikita and Zaka; all of which areas I worked in for not less than two years at a time.
Dr Temba Dhobha, Australia

Proudly Zimbabwean
EDITOR – I would like to introduce a group called Free-Zim – a non-governmental movement formed by combined youths of Zimbabwe in the UK. We believe it is our civil right to be at the fore-front of the Revolution and to speak out for our fellow youths who cannot do so due to the media and political situation in our motherland.
So Free-Zim will be organising demonstrations and rallies all across the UK to protest against the gross human rights violations by the Mugabe regime. We will also be chairing debates and live forums in colleges and universities, targeting our fellow youths in how we can help in pushing for a New Zimbabwe.
Our motto is “divided he rules – united Mugabe goes”. Our vision is to see Free-Zim being spread like a virus. We would also like to pray and push for international intervention for the Zim crisis.
We are proud to be Zimbabweans and we want to go back home, but we need to unite first – regardless of race, tribe and sexuality, to kick out this filth. Mugabe he is the stumbling block for peace ad prosperity not only for Zim but Africa as a whole.
Alois Phiri, UK

Justice at last
EDITOR – I write to thank you for publishing the letter I wrote in February 2006 in
which I was explaining that I was still the Chief Executive of Zesa. I believe that your publishing of the letter may have contributed to the rapid turn of events that culminated in a Labour Court judgment setting on May 5, 2006 as the date of termination of my contract of employment with Zesa.
Soon after the letter appeared in your paper the Honourable Justice Hlatshwayo handed down judgment on 22nd February 2006 on the dispute that he heard on October 8, 2003 concerning the status of my contract of employment and the level of salary and benefits due to me. The judge ordered Zesa to pay my legal costs and the increments that had been unlawfully suspended in January 2002. He however declined to deal with the question of the lawfulness of the appointment of the Executive Chairman after noting that there had been an agreement to settle the matter by negotiation. The judgment helped to expedite agreement on a settlement which the Labour Court confirmed in its judgment handed down on 5th May 2005.
Thank you very much for your contribution to the resolution of this long outstanding dispute.
Eng Simbarashe Mangwengwende, Harare

26 reasons for 26 years of misrule
EDITOR – Please allow me to write to my fellow Zimbabweans on this little thought. It has become a chorus now that “Mugabe must go!” Do we really have reasons behind our quest to see him relinquish power? I have 26 reasons:
1.PRIDE:-I feel it his pride that prevented him from pacifying the relatives/victims of the Gukurahundi atrocities by at least making a formal apology.
2.PRESS FREEDOM:-The draconian laws inhibiting free flow of information and
the torture of journalists who fail to toe the line are clear examples of
stifling press freedom.
3.ECONOMY:-All we can say now is Once upon a time we needed Z$2 in
exchange for US$1.The economy has been completely wrecked.
4.THE JUDICIARY:-On 21/12/00,then Chief Justice Gubbay issued an indictment
on the lawlessness perpetrated by the government when he said: ‘Wicked things have been done and continue to be done. They must be stopped. Laws made by the government have been flouted by the government.’ One month later after ruling against the executive in their attempts to invalidate electoral challenges, he was forced into early retirement and an with that came an era of coercing the remaining judges out. With the departure of many judges being replaced by Zanu (PF) sympathisers, the impartiality of the bench was neutralised and is now questionable. Further allocation of prime farming land to these newly appointed judges makes a mockery of the court battles to invalidate the land grab when the judges themselves were beneficiaries of the flawed system.
5.THE DRC ADVENTURE:-In 1985 prior to this adventure, inflation was
manageable at around 36%,but it soared to around 700% by the turn of
2002. I am yet to be appraised and appreciate the benefits of our involvement
in the DRC.
6.AGRICULTURE:- I do agree that it was necessary to redistribute land, and
there are economies in the far east that have successfully implemented such
a program, but my concern is the manner it was manipulated by the leaders
thereby destroying the mainstay of our economy.
7.ELECTORAL FRAUD:-I will not dwell much on this. Its apparent the playfield
has never been even.
8.STATE SANCTIONED TORTURE:-Ordinary citizens are now living in fear of the
very government that must be safeguarding them. What a travesty of justice!
9.UNEMPLOYMENT:-Now hovering at above 80%,is there any hope to the
unemployed and the youth entering the job market?
10.CORRUPTION:-Talk of scandal after scandal, The Willowgate Scandal, The
Noczim debacle, The Pay For Your House Scheme, The GMB fiasco etc. Where does
the buck stop?
11.INCOMPETENCE OF SERVING MINISTERS:-ministers failing to execute their
duties efficiently have only been recycled. What hope do we have in them turning around the fortunes of our beloved country?
12.HEALTH SERVICE:-Delivery of this service has been severely crippled and
yet the government seem content on unjustifiably allocating the lion’s share of the budget to the Ministry of Defence.
13.COLLAPSE OF INDUSTRY:-Many companies are folding each day due to economic mismanagement. Whither Zimbabwe?
14.SOARING INTERNATIONAL DEBT:-Ludicrous government pending, corruption from the top, and glaring incompetence have not helped the situation.
15.OPERATION MURAMBATSVINA:-The casualties will bear testimony of government insensitivity.
16.HEROES ACRE:-Should it be the Politburo that must decide who should be
there and who should not? Is honestly Cde X befitting the national hero status as opposed to Revolutionary Y? Admittedly no-one is perfect and including Mugabe himself, but this national shrine has over the years lost its significance. Should the Civic society not be involved in determining hero status?
17.RULE OF LAW:-There is one law for the CHEFS and their relatives and
another for the povo. What a sorry state of affairs.
18.ECONOMIC POLICY:-This has in recent months been placed in the hands of
The Zimbabwe National Security Council dominated by officers from the
army, air force, police, the dreaded CIO.Really? Recent media reports say Gen
Chiwenga ordered the Central bank to print Z$60t to fund salary increases
for civil servants and the uniformed forces (economics dze feja-feja idzika!)One can only wonder why, when Cde Nzuwah was announcing the salary hikes, he was flanked by Chiwenga and Chihuri!
19.PRIORITIES:-Do we need to spend US$500m now on new military aircraft when
we do not have power, fuel, medicines etc?
20.POLITICAL POSTS: – I am yet to be convinced we need the Senate or many of
those political posts when our economy is collapsing.
21.THE EXECUTIVE:-The sweeping powers invested in the executive do not allow
for balances and checks hence the mess we find ourselves in.
22.VICE PRESIDENCY:-Do we need two vice presidents?
23.MYSTERIOUS DEATHS:-We continue to ask why over the disappearance/death of those at odds with the ruling party.
24.HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD:-We have the worst.
25.PRESIDENTIAL TERMS:- A limitless number of presidential terms will cause
more harm than good.
26.AGE;-The law of diminishing returns……..At 82,it time to call it quits. I hope the proposed cold season mass action will yield the desired results.

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