Letters (ii) 25-5-06

Thank you COSATU
EDITOR - The barbaric booting out of Zwelinzima Vavi from Zimbabwe is a clear sign that the Mugabe regime will never be in a position to adhere to basic principles of democracy. Vavi is a trade unionist who was constitutionally invited by the ZCTU. However the

now defunct government of Zimbabwe sees him as serious threat. The scared government of Mugabe will not last much longer as one can easily see the fright in Mugabe and his cronies’ eyes.
We again thank COSATU for being brave enough to go back into a country where they risk being arrested and even tortured. Sometimes we wish these leaders were running this country for we feel, they could have dealt with the Zimbabwe crisis long back and South Africa would be free of us. Remember this economy is also feeling the pinch from up North. Thank you COSATU and keep up the good work. One day you will help liberate the rest of Africa. You have set a good precedent in the region and we applaud you for that. CONCERNED ZIMBABWEANS ABROAD, Johannesburg

Who is principled?
EDITOR – Misiharibwe-Mushonga needs to be reminded that by leaving the pro-senate faction doesn’t mean that one is not principled. It’s also principle that makes one decide to leave a grouping. The Mutambara faction wants to monopolise the meaning of being principled. It is because of principle that I have not joined the Mutambara side.

Information IS power
EDITOR – I would like to thank you and your staff for impressing upon readers of this paper to cut and pass on the local language supplements to as many Zimbabweans as possible to ensure access to accurate information.
I posted these supplements to my friends in rural Mashonaland Central Province. I later spoke to one of them who was so thankful and wished such a gesture could be extended to many others whose only source of news is the ZBC. He hastened to tell me that most people in rural areas do not make informed decisions come election time simply because they are subjected 24/7 to the ZBC propaganda. We had an open discussion about topical issues in Zimbabwe including inflation, its causes and implications to the economy as a whole, freedom of expression, the proposed MDC led mass action, how law and order in our country has become a black joke, possible solutions to all this, etc. He went on to tell me that after reading the said supplements, he showed them to close relatives and friends who undertook to play a part in ensuring that Zimbabwe’s future be entrusted into the hands of a democratic government. Most of all, he said had realised that the white farmer was/is not the villain in the piece as regards the state of the economy! l would like to encourage those privileged to have a copy of this paper to spare a little thought for others who are not that fortunate. Definitely INFORMATION IS POWER!

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